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Fashion Styling

Our company prides itself in assisting you in making an excellent first impression when it comes to lifestyle wardrobe decisions.  The way we look usually translates into who we are, what we like, and what we are about.  Our team is here to help you dress for the lifestyle you live.  Together we will share dialogue and discuss your budget, wants, needs, and what you expect to accomplish.

Shopping your closet will be the first step in deciding how to transform the fashion you already have or we can discuss individual projects.  You can also relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the comfort of your own home or private office while conducting your consultations or fittings.
We will analyze and select updated looks that suite your personal and professional style.  Our associate will teach you how to avoid being under or over dressed, as well as how to balance your look.  Ultimately, you must understand that the fit of garments on your body is key and tailoring them specifically is a stylist’s best kept secret. 


Personal Shopping

As your personal shopper, the highest standards for service and client satisfaction are set.  We shop independently and deliver garments to your home or office for a private fitting or can accompany you at the store of your choice with pre-selected garments.  Together we will create your individual style using current trends, fads, and as always, classic pieces.  It is very important to determine what colors make a statement and add volume, and those that camouflage and/or slim the not so fancy parts.  In addition, clients need to know what works for their skin tone and body type as well.  
Gifting is also available for those who want to leave a lasting impression for a friend, family member, or loved one.  It is always our pleasure to find that designer item, thank you, holiday, or wedding gift that will be long remembered.

 Our company aims to help clients save time, create style, and exude confidence through the art of fashion, for all occasions, while also offering wrap-a-round services.

Closet Organizing

Editing your closet will save you time and money.  This is a necessary step one should consider to keep from becoming overwhelmed with choices that no longer flatter you and should be removed.  Decluttering and clearing out old clothes, shoes, and accessories will give you an idea of what you already have and what to shop for without buying the same items.  The newly arranged items can simplify your life when deciding what to wear and what not to wear.

Some garments can be altered and returned, while others should be done away with.  At your request, we can identify entities for you to donate your “oldie but goody” items, personally take them and mail a tax deductible receipt, or simply have charity pick them up.  High end items can also be consigned depending on the brand and its condition.

For detailed information on having your closet transformed into a well kept space, please feel free to call our offices.  Custom closets are available upon request.

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