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How It All Started

As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming an international model by way of the US Air Force. Touring Paris, London, Milan, and more was on my list of catwalks and runways to rip. I could never get the love of fashion out of my head, so growing up in poverty forced me to become creative with clothing. Improvision became my best bet as I began to mix and match my limited wardrobe.

My friends thought I was prissy and had a lot but the fact is, I was only changing out and adding in accessories for a different look. Switching purses, tying a scarf, or adding loads of jewelry was like magic. Nobody ever seemed to notice the jeans or shirt I was repeating from the week before.

Although I didn't have much, I faired well and did get the chance to model for a while before moving behind the scenes as a fashion stylist. Playing in fashion is much more gratifying. I discovered a love for being behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Eventually, I would go all out to turn what I love into a business. Today, that business is called Crystal Owens Styles and was created to assist clients with "all things wardrobe."

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