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Are you happy with the way your closet looks? Do you dread going in only to find clutter and confusion? Then consider hiring our company to give you a closet space you will love! Not only will you be able to move comfortably through your newly organized space, but we will help you save, yes that's, and make money at the same time. How is this one might ask? Well, first we suggest de-cluttering your space and you should probably consider consigning worthy wardrobe items.

It is always best to know what is in your closet before shopping which keeps clients from buying the same "kinds" of items over and over. Talk about saving money, fashion tips,and creating new looks with old treasures...this is EPIC! Who wants to have the same type/color of the same shirt, or pants, or handbag? How boring is that?

Meanwhile, we will donate your unwanted items to an Atlanta charity of your choice and mail you the tax write-off. Not only are you giving back to the community, but you can feel good about doing so.

And last but not least, who doesn't want a custom closet space to die for? One of our associates will be happy to come in, consult, re-construct, and organize your entire closet space from top to bottom. Give us about a solid week and we will turn your closet space into a room of its own kind. You will be excited to show your friends and family your "show" room and maybe even throw a small mixer to celebrate it.

For more information on the lifestyle wardrobe services we offer, please give us a call at 678-824-4366 or feel free to email us at Be sure to follow us on all social media sites @CrystalOStyleCo "For All Things Wardrobe".

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