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Red Bottoms - Ernestine Johnson - YouTube

Dear Ladies,

You are enough! So many times we use play pretties and material things to measure up to what society says is good and very good. Happiness comes from within, even after you falsely prop yourself up using these "things." Clothes don't make the man, the man makes the clothes.

Most of the top brands are not affordable or even cater to the average person, yet we hear about them constantly and see them the everywhere. This sort of conspicuous consumption is out of control in the black communities, as we are used to "bait" the masses. These agents are under enormous pressures and a strong delusion to keep up with the Jones's. They are susceptible to believing that those "things" make them better than the rest of us, creating yet another rift against their own kind unknowingly. Americans have been trained and taught to follow, which in essence means to be led in a pointed direction.

At the end of the day, we have no economic power as we grace the television screens, red carpet events, etc. in all THEIR fine brands while THEY continue to get rich. Now, riddle me many celebrities support minority brands in the way that they support non-minority brands. By that, I mean going out of their way to make sure the public knows what they are wearing, where they are shopping, and who they are supporting. How many selfies do you see them taking while rallying behind underground and overlooked designers that are much more talented and authentic than those in major department stores? I'll wait...for someone to support just ONE African American designer in a major way so we may catapult and pull each other up in the fashion industry.


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