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Model Madness...

Are you a professional working model, or a social media model? Yes there is a difference! The difference is, a professional working model is one who receives pay or product for their time and talent. A social media model is one who receives likes or comments and never gets paid anything except attention for their vulgarity and self-exhaltation.

The internet has proven to be a blessing and a curse in regard to exposure. All exposure is not good exposure. Women are now voluntarily exploiting themselves worse than any oppressor every did. These wanna be's post photos online without regard to the message they are sending to the world. We all have a responsibility as adults to represent ourselves in a respectable manner. Just because you can does NOT mean you should.

True models have ettiquette and any fashion industry professional will notice immediately. True models know how to go out on castings, what they should look like, and what they should have in their model bags. They don't show up looking like they are on their way to the strip club. True models will have a real portfolio with professional images, not unflattering photos taken with a camera phone or by someone calling themselves a photographer. (BEWARE)

The truth is, MOST of you will NEVER make it as a model in the fashion industry and should not get your hopes up. Please don't do away with your Plan B, as you will re-visit it when the reality sets in. There are standards in the industry that will not be broken just because you want, think, or have a desire to be a model. Please let it go are merely in the way of those that have what it takes.


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