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I Eat Fashion

The way we dress says so much about who we are. Fashion is such a big part in our lives because it allows us to express ourselves in a way that speaks without using words. Surely we all have the luxury of being bumbed out when we want to be, and rightfully so. Aside from that, what are you wearing when you go inside your closet space for a hot event, occasion, or affair? What you select gives outsiders a sneak peek as to what type of person you might be.

Hold on, hold on, I'm not judging. Think about it...when you see a person for the first time, how do you decide if you might want to speak with them or not? BY THE WAY THEY LOOK initially and how you feel ultimately. We subconsciously process their physical being and immediately decide how far, if at all, the conversation can, may, or will go.

Dressing up, looking fly, being on fleek, or whatever you want to call it makes us feel good. When you look good, you feel good! Fashion speaks volumes despite the previous comment. It's almost like can feel the power of confidence when someone walks into the room no matter what they are wearing. So in essence, I'm saying it's the way the 'person' wears confidence in any garment; it's like kryptonite! Sweat pants and a tee might get by, but pulling in a nice wardrobe and other extras could never hurt; it's just a bonus....never forget.


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