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Today we are going to talk trends...what are they and why do companies set them? Trends are based on what brands set forth as the "must have" item. It is completely psychological and almost forced upon the hearts and minds of men, as if we cannot think for ourselves. Those that have the big marketing budgets tend to consume the media outlets with their own ideas and what they have set forth. The buzz created behind this 'trend' is what subsequently drives the prices higher, making it a coveted product. And then....there are followers, who anxiously wait to follow it.

Think about it, he who has the marketing dollars wins! Companies set the bar high and rule the market through advertisements. They don't look to be average, but look to leverage huge returns based on the psychology of buyers. Most followers want it now and the impulse of immediate desires drives them to spend NOW. They are as sheep being led to the slaughter...they buy willingly without thought because they believe it pleases them. For this reason alone, trends will always win because we are not taught to think for ourselves, value our own opinions, and defy what has been set forth by industry experts.

Targets of opportunity are observed, while the consumer never anticipates the beginning or end of a trend. They simply follow and react without regard. Although their eagerness to satisfy an immediate desire has been fulfilled, they never stop to look at forever changing "trends" and are reluctant to crystallize the loss after only a short time.

PS...Be uniquely you...everyone else is taken.


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