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Neck Work...

Talk about couture! I am in love with this wearable art by Enjeanious. Atlanta resident Rean Fisher is a custom jewelry and wearable art designer who has mastered a craft in a lane of it's own. She combines stones, rocks, chains, and much more to create these accentric statement pieces.

Ms. Fisher has crossed the pond and made international news with her showing at this and last year's London Fashion Week. She is working hard toward building her brand internationally and has deemed her work's final resting place will be in a Dubai museum for tourists to see, enjoy, and appreciate.

As a lover of oxymoronic fashion items, I have purchased 3 rings to date and ALWAYS get a positive reaction whenever I wear them. They never get boring and I look for opportunities to wear them. I still have the very first one she gave me simply because I took to the runway and sold the piece. It was and still is a great reward that I will forever cherish.

Stay tuned to my blog to see more of Enjeanious and look for her brand to be sold here exclusively by Crystal Owens Styles this spring.

Photography-Juno Uche

Jewelry Designer-Rean Fisher

Dress Designer-Cotrice Addison

Stylist-Crystal O. Style Co

Hair and MU-Hana Ali

Model-Joy Ogo Ike

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