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Who is this Crystal Owens?


Crystal Owens was born and raised in E. St. Louis, IL, grew up in Little Rock, AR, and now resides in Atlanta, GA.  Her accomplishments include a nail tech, barber stylist, and real estate license, as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Human Services from Clayton State University.  With all educational endeavors complete, Crystal was not satisfied and felt there was still something missing.  Constantly consumed by a love for fashion, her creative intuition continued to resurface.  In her mind, it was mandatory to sacrifice it all for the pursuit of happiness in the fashion industry.

The savvy entrepreneur boldly entered the world of fashion and wardrobe styling with no formal training, portfolio, or website.  With as little as the remarkable “gift to gab” and a likable personality,

Crystal quickly worked her way up and took full advantage of every opportunity that could jump start her career.  As a former model, she found more interest in working behind the camera, rather than in front of it.  Her sheer determination and drive would eventually help validate and establish a clear path for her vision.


Crystal created and built her own company (Crystal Owens Styles), as a result of a personal desire to employ herself full time in fashion; what started out as work quickly became a way of life and the beginning of something great.  In her short styling career, Crystal has worked with notable photographers, entertainment professionals, models, and agencies to name a few.  She has also styled numerous lookbook photographs, had her work featured in several magazines and has worked on film sets.  Combining her talents was stellar, as she progressed and began focusing on the styling and lifestyle aspect of the business; the rest is history.


Ms. Owens saw a need and so brilliantly added other services to suit the lifestyles of her busy clients. The goal was for clients to place "all things wardrobe" in her hands to maintain on said basis, eliminating a major function necessary for professionals with limited time.

Crystal's natural instinct to translate each client’s personality and lifestyle into fashion is second nature and comes easy.  She recognizes that fashion includes image and styling, and neither is reserved solely for the rich, famous, or elite anymore. Her ultimate goal is to help clients exude confidence and style both inside and out through the art of fashion.





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