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When Fashion Goes Wrong

Via @mahoganybrown85 on Instagram

Dear Readers,

I regret to inform you of just how mean and cruel a soul can be, even in the fashion industry. In my opinion, if you profit from the demise of an entire race of people without conscience, then are you evil and capable of sleeping at night. This is completely disappointing and disrespectful to the highest degree. How can we call this trendy and fashionable when such a wound is still wide open and subject to infections at any given time. What is wrong with the mentality of the human race I ask? How does something like this happen today, yet we still run after the designers that have no interest in our economic growth and development.

To say the least, with most of America living under poverty, we cannot afford the garments that go down the Fashion Week runways here or abroad. These selected (or elected) few that capitalize off black celebrities don't normally feature blacks in their designs on the runways, in print magazines, or on film. However, top designers have long used blacks in entertainment to market their product to other blacks for financial gain. Some designers have blatantly stated publicly how they feel about certain pockets of the population wearing their garments and do not hesitate to express their opinion about who those garments are made for.

Long story short, we need to learn how to support black-owned and operated businesses. Our culture spends an enormous amount of money in the fashion and beauty industries. If we bought quality products from within, we could knock a hole in the economy and become dictators of what fashion is, what it should be, and what it should reflect since everyone wants to look like us. Then maybe we can begin to turn the image of black women in America around to what it used to be...when little girls dressed like little girls, and women dressed like ladies.

The end.


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